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Upcoming Events

Event NameDateLocationAge GroupsLearn MoreHotels
NorCal Wheel of ChampionsNorCalDec. 9-10, 2023TournamentTri Valley, CATri Valley GymsBoys & Girls9U-14U$395 MoreHotels
The Finals: Northwest / Nxt Up SeriesWashingtonDec 9-10, 2023 TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouse USABoys & Girls2nd grade - 8th grade$395 MoreHotels
The Finals - SoCalSoCalDec. 9-10, 2023TournamentGarden Grove, CAMapBoys9U-17U$395tmaxwell@westcoastelitebasketball.comLearn MoreHotels
Arizona Wheel of ChampionsArizonaDec. 16-17, 2023TournamentPhoenix, AZPHHacilityBoys & Girls9U-14U$395 MoreHotels
NW Winter ShowdownOregonJan 20-21, 2024TournamentPortland, ORTBABoys & Girls8u-14u$395 More
PDX Winter Classic OregonFebruary 10-11, 2024TournamentPortland, ORTBABoys & Girls8u-14u$395 More
Portland Spring ExtravaganzaOregonMarch 30-31, 2024TournamentPortland, ORTBABoys & Girls8u-18u$395
Portland Spring Preview OregonApril 27-28, 2024TournamentPortland, ORTBABoys & Girls8u-18u$395 MoreGXL
Oregon Warm UpOregonMay 4-5, 2024TournamentPortland, ORTBABoys & Girls8u-18u$395 More
Rose City Summer ChampionshipOregonJune 15-16, 2024TournamentPortland, ORTBABoys & Girls8u-14u, & HS (Freshman, JV & Varsity)$395 More
Rumble for the Ring: PDXOregonSeptember 14-15, 2024TournamentPortland, ORTBABoys & Girls8u-14u, Freshman, JV, Varsity$395 More
Oregon AOGOregonOctober 12-13, 2024TournamentPortland, ORTBABoys & Girls8u-14u, Freshman, JV, Varsity$395 More
Rose City Qualifier OregonNovember 2-3, 2024TournamentPortland, ORTBDBoys & Girls8u-14u, Freshman, JV, Varsity$395 More
Battle for the Belt: PDX OregonDec. 14-15, 2024TournamentPortland, ORTBABoys & Girls8u-14u$395 More
NW New Year's SlamWashingtonJanuary 13-14, 2024TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouseBoys & Girls8u-14u$395 More
Emerald City Spring ExtravaganzaWashingtonMarch 23-24, 2024TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouseBoys & Girls8u-18u$395 More
Battlefield NW WashingtonApril 13-14, 2024TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouseGirls8u-18u$395 scarter@westcoastelitebasketball.comLearn More
Battle of the BordersWashingtonMay 11-12, 2024TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouseBoys & Girls8u-18u$395 scarter@westcoastelitebasketball.comLearn MoreGXL
NW Memorial Day Classic WashingtonMay 25-27, 2024TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouseBoys & Girls8u-18u$395 scarter@westcoastelitebasketball.comLearn More
Battle in Seattle WashingtonJuly 5th-7th, 2024TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouseBoys & Girls8u-18u$450 More
NW Summer Finale WashingtonJuly 27th-28th, 2024TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouseBoys & Girls8u-18u$395 More
NW Chase for the Chain WashingtonSeptember 29-30, 2024TournamentCentralia, WANW Sports HubBoys & Girls8u-14u & HS (Freshman, JV & Varsity)$425 More
NW AOGWashingtonOctober 12-13, 2024TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouseBoys & Girls8u-14u, Freshman, JV, Varsity$395 More
Seattle Hoop SummitWashingtonOctober 18-19, 2024TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouseBoys & Girls8u-14u, Freshman, JV, Varsity$425 More
Emerald City Qualifier WashingtonNov 9-10, 2024TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouseBoys & Girls8u-14u, Freshman, JV, Varsity$395 More
The Finals: NorthwestWashingtonDec 7-8, 2024TournamentAuburn, WAFieldhouseBoys & Girls8u-14u$395 More
AZ New Year's SlamArizonaJan 20-21, 2024TournamentPhoenix, AZPHHBoys & Girls8u-14u$395 More
Arizona Spring Tip OffArizonaMar 16-17,2024TournamentPhoenix, AZPHH
Arizona Warm UpArizonaApril 6-7, 2024TournamentPHXTBABoys & Girls9u-17u MorePSE
AZ Spring PreviewArizonaApr 12-14, 2024TournamentPhoenix, AZPHHBoys & Girls$425
Cactus Classic ArizonaApr 20-21, 2024TournamentPhoenix, AZPHHBoys & Girls8u-18u$425 More
AZ Chase for the ChainArizonaMay 4-5, 2024TournamentPhoenix, AZPHHBoys & Girls8u-18u More
AZ Chase for the RosesArizonaMay 10-12, 2024TournamentPHH
Battle in the Desert ArizonaMay 17-19, 2024TournamentPhoenix, AZPHHGirls 15u-18u$525 More
Arizona Summer Tip-OffArizonaJuly 5-7, 2024TournamentPhoenix, AZPHHBoys & Girls8u-18u$425 More
Arizona AOGArizonaSep. 14-15, 2024TournamentPhoenix, AZPHHBoys & Girls8u-14u, Freshman, JV, Varsity$395 More
Southwest SlamArizonaOct 12-13, 2024TournamentPhoenix, AZPHHBoys & Girls8u-14u, Freshman, JV, Varsity$395 More
Winter InviteArizonaNov. 16-17, 2024TournamentPhoenix, AZPHHBoys & Girls8u-14u, Freshman, JV, Varsity$395 More
The Finals: ArizonaArizonaDec. 14-15, 2024TournamentPhoenix, AZPHHBoys & Girls8u-14u$395 More
Battle in New MexicoNew MexicoMarch 21-23, 2024TournamentAlbuquerqueTBDBoys & Girls9u-17u$
New Mexico National ChampionshipNew MexicoJune 28-30, 2024TournamentAlbuquerqueTBDBoys & Girls9u-17u$
WCE NorCal MLK ClassicNorCalJanuary 13-14th, 2024TournamentWalnut CreekUltimate Field HouseBoys9u-14u$395 More
Winter Challenge w/NBBANorCalJanuary 27-28th, 2024 TournamentOakland, Ca TBABoys & Girls9u-14u$345 More
NorCal Noise w/ NBBA NorCalMarch 23-24th, 2024 TournamentTri Valley, CATBABoys & Girls9u-17u$345/$395 More
Welcome to NorCal BasketballNorCalApril 6-7th, 2024TournamentOakland, CATBABoys9u-17u$395/$445 More
NorCal Spring Preview w/ NBBA NorCalApril13-14th, 2024 TournamentTri Valley, CATBABoys & Girls9u-17u$345/$395 More
Golden State Gathering w/ NBBA NorCalApril 27-28th, 2024TournamentTri Valley, CATBABoys & Girls9u-17u$345/$395 More
East Bay Bash NorCalMay 11-12th, 2024 TournamentTri Valley, CATBABoys9u-17u$395/$445 More
Spring Shootout w/ NBBA NorCalMay 18-19th, 2024 TournamentMarin, CATBABoys & Girls9u-17uNBBAglaney@westcoastelitebasketball.comLearn More
San Jose Heat UpNorCalJune 8-9th, 2024TournamentSan Jose, CA TBABoys9u-17u$395/$445 More
Capital City Chaos NorCalJune 22-23, 2024 TournamentSacramento, CATBABoys9u-17u$395/$445 More
NorCal Summer Tip-Off NorCalJuly 6-7th, 2024TournamentSacramento, CAThe Grounds Boys & Girls9u-17u$395/$445 MorePSEGXL
NorCal Summer FinaleNorCalJuly 27-28th, 2024TournamentTri Valley, CATBABoys9u-17u$395/$445 More
NorCal AOG in Tri-ValleyNorCal September 14-15, 2024TournamentTri Valley, CATBA Boys & Girls9u-17u$395 More
Fall Classic w/ NBBANorCal October 19-20, 2024 TournamentMarin, CATBA Boys & Girls9u-17u$295glaney@westcoastelitebasketball.comLearn More
NorCal Fall InviteNorCal November 2-3, 2024 TournamentTri Valley, CATBA Boys & Girls9u-14u$395 More
The Finals - NorCalNorCal November 16-17, 2024 TournamentTri Valley, CATBA Boys & Girls9u-14u$395 More
NorCal Wheel of ChampionsNorCal December 7-8, 2024TournamentTri Valley, CATBA Boys & Girls9u-14u$395 More
Red River ClassicSouthwestMay 18-19TournamentNormanTBABoys & Girls9u-17uPSE
Las Vegas Memorial DayNevadaMay 24-27TournamentLas VegasTBABoys & Girls9u-17u MorePSEGXL
Lone Star ClassicSouthwestJune 1-2TournamentDallasTBABoys & Girls9u-17u More
Las Vegas LiveNevadaJuly 11-14TournamentLas VegasTBABoys & Girls9u-17u
New Year Tip Off @ SASOCALJan 6-7TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-14u$
Hoop SceneSOCALJan 20-21TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-14u$395 More
Nxt Up FinalsSOCALFeb 3-4TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-14u$395 More
March Tip off @ SASOCALMar 2-3TournamentTBABoys & Girls9U-14U$
OC Orange BowlSOCALMar 23-24TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 More
WCE Spring Tip-OffSOCALApril 6-7TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 More
WCE Pacific BreezeSOCALApril 13-14TournamentMAPBoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$
SoCal SlamSOCALApril 20-21TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 More
Beach BashSOCALMay 11-12TournamentMAPBoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 More
WCE Spring Classic / Pending NCAA CertificationSOCALMay 17-19TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$695 MoreGXL
Summer SiegeSOCALJune 1-2TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 MorePSE
Beach BarrageSOCALJune 8-9TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 More
Summer Tip OffSOCALJuly 6-7thTournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 More
SoCal Summer Classic / Pending NCAA CertificationSOCALJuly 11-14thTournamentMAPBoys & Girls9u-17u$695 More
SoCal Summer Challenge / Pending NCAA CertificationSOCALJuly 19-21stTournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$695 More
SOCAL Coaching ClinicSOCALAugust 24, 2024TournamentTBA
SoCal Fall Hoop SummitSOCALSeptember 21-22TournamentMAPBoys & Girls9u-17u$395 More
Battle for the BeltSOCALSeptember 28-29TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395 More
Rumble for the RingSOCALOctober 12-13, 2024TournamentMAPBoys & Girls9u-17u$395 More
SoCal Fall InviteSOCALNovember 9-10TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-14u$395 More
The Finals - SoCalSOCALDecember 7-8TournamentMAPBoys & Girls9u-14u$395 More
WCE and Big Foot ShowcaseNevadaJuly 11, 2024TournamentLas VegasBoys & Girls15U-17U
Big Sky Spring Preview MontanaApril 13-14, 2024TournamentBozeman, MTGallatin HSBoys & Girls8u-18u$395
MT Chase for the ChainMontanaMay 5-6TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 More
Rumble for the Ring: MTMontanaNov 16-17TournamentTBABoys & Girls9U-14U$395/$495 More
Halloween Hustle MontanaNov 9-10, 2024 TournamentBozeman, MTFieldhouseBoys & Girls8u-14u, Freshman, JV, Varsity$395
Salt Lake SlamUtahMay 9-11TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 More
Utah Summer Tip OffUtahJuly 5-6TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 More
Utah Fall AOGUtahNov 7-9TournamentTBABoys & Girls9U-14U$395/$495 More
ID Potato BowlIdahoApril 20-21TournamentTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 More
Boise BashIdahoNov 16-17TournamentTBABoys & Girls9U-14U$395 More
Rumble in the RockiesColoradoApril 13-14TournamentDenverTBABoys & Girls9u-17u MorePSE
Mile High Chase for the ChainColoradoJuly 6-7TournamentDenverTBABoys & Girls9u-17u$395/$495 More