Scott Martin

Scott Martin

May 10, 2022

Scott Martin is a college recruitment expert to families searching for help navigating the college selection process while also helping to identify colleges that are the right fit for the student athlete to reach their goals. Attitude of Gratitude Consulting allows student athletes and their families to understand the different opportunities at the over 1300 colleges and universities in the United States. Scott Martin’s unique knowledge allows for the student athlete to have the information to create a manageable lists of colleges that ultimately allows them to choose the right school. Scott is the Associate Director for West Coast Elite Under Armour, and the Director of Finance for West Coast Elite Basketball. He is also a Varsity High School Basketball coach and a graduate of Loyola Marymount University.


Max McCalla (Claremont Commit): “Coach Scott Martin was the most important person guiding me through the recruiting process. Because of his hard work, I get to play basketball at my dream school for the next four years. For all of high school, he got me in touch with dozens of college coaches who recruited me and anytime I need anything, Coach Martin was there.”

Kit McCalla (Father of Claremont Commit Max McCalla):”From an early age my son knew he wanted to play basketball in college.  We met Coach Martin during my son’s Freshman year of high school.  He developed a four year plan for Max to achieve his goal.  As a family we met at the beginning of each AAU season and outlined a plan for tournaments and camps to attend.   Coach Martin introduced us to a wide variety of college coaches consisting of D1, D2 and high academic D3 schools from all over the country.  When it became clear Max wanted to play on the West Coast, Coach Martin set-up on campus visits to all the coaches which fit Max’s ability level.  As a family and with Coach Martin’s advice, we found that Claremont McKenna would be the perfect fit.  Coach Martin went to work setting up overnight trips and visits with the coaching staff at Claremont.   During the “live” period, Coach Martin made sure the Claremont coaches were at each camp to see Max.  Without Coach Martin’s dedication, this dream would not have been possible.”

Emmanuelle Cremonesi (Mother of UCLA Commit Logan Cremonesi): “Coach Martin has been instrumental in my son’s recruitment and continues to do so. He has helped secure scholarship offers from Division 1 and Division 2 schools and I am sure more will come. Coach Martin is relentless and is constantly contacting his large network of coaches, and assistants to promote his players. My son’s future basketball prospects are much improved under Coach Martin’s direction.”

Dylan Aubert (Former Cal Lutheran Commit): “Coach Martin managed my whole recruitment process and allowed me to be able to play at the next level. Since the first time I meet him he has made me feel like family and was always honest with us from the start. Coach Martin has a phenomenal work ethic and spent countless hours helping me find find the right college and helping me get recruited. I really appreciate everything that Coach Martin has done for me and my family, he has greatly impacted my life not only as an athlete but as a person as well.”

Ryan Nagle (Carnegie Mellon Commit):”Scotty Martin has completely revolutionized the recruiting process. Before Scotty Martin took up my recruiting, I hadn’t had a single college coach personally reach out to me. I can’t even explain how Scotty does it. His network and experience recruiting is unreal. Before I even played a single game for Scotty’s team, five college coaches had already called me impressed with my film. As a high school athlete trying to play at the collegiate level, you face seemingly insurmountable odds. Scotty consistently beats the odds and simply gets kids scholarships. He is a relentless advocate for his players. He explored every single possible option for me (D1 Walk-on, D2, D3, Prep-school) and leveraged every connection he had to find me the best possible fit. Scotty Martin is the absolute best of the best.”

Tina Nagle (Mother of Carnegie Mellon Commit Ryan Nagle):”Scott Martin is a gifted mentor and coach who has made all the difference in Ryan achieving his goal of playing basketball at a top academic college. As soon as Ryan began playing on Coach Martin’s team there was a noticeable difference in Coach Martin’s style of emphasizing the team element of play, and significant passing of the ball to show the strength of each player and consequently the team as a whole. His team’s morale as a result was high and each player felt valued. He takes that same style to advocate for each player with college coaches. He is a game changer in college recruitment who is advancing the ball for his players on a daily basis. As a result of Coach Martin’s efforts, Ryan received broad exposure to coaches from multiple top notch D3 schools all over the country as did many of his teammates. With several choices, Ryan decided to commit to Carnegie Mellon, a school that met his academic goals as well as his dream to play college basketball. Coach Martin is tirelessly and genuinely dedicated to his players’ success, and Ryan is one of Coach Martin’s many success stories. Coach Martin gets an A+ in mentorship and in his recruitment efforts.”